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  • Sam A.

  • Little Falls, NJ

  • 2/14/2016

Friendly atmosphere
They provide the breakfast & lunch , which is good so all children get the same meals .

  • Timothy A.

  • Paterson, NJ

  • 12/11/2015

Fantastic School! My grandson has been attending for 3 years and I couldn't be happier.  He loves school and has learned so much. The school is very clean, the staff is great with the kids and everyone seems very happy.  I am raising my grandson so I pick him up and drop him off at school daily. I pay close attention and I have witnessed the staff interacting with the students when they were not aware that I was around. They are always very positive and attentive towards the children and I love that. My wife has been an educator for over 20 years and she has always been impressed with the level of education that he has received. I am very happy with this school and with it's staff..A+ Tiny Tiki's !

  • Michael D.

  • Caldwell, NJ

  • 11/14/2015   Updated review

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this school! I went to five schools in the area before seeing this school. Once I came here and saw all that they offered I knew this was the school for us and we have never been happier. I have two children in this school and they are learning so much. They love their teachers and they adore Ms. Donna. This is not only a great school for the kids but they are there for the parents as well. They really make you feel like family. My children are so excited to tell me what they learned everyday.  Thank you for all you do! The school is always clean, my children are never sick and that says a lot. My nieces attend a school in another town (Cedar Grove) and they are always sick from their daycare.  I feel so strongly about this school that I will keep posting until YELP shows my comments. I feel people need to know the truth about this school. It is wonderful. Stop by and see for yourself.

What our parents are saying....

  • Kathy M.

  • Little Falls, NJ

  • 2/2/2018

I was hesitant at first to bring my daughter to Tiny Tiki after hear a few bad comments.  I decided to check the place out for myself after looking at a few daycare's.  The staff was about to leave when I walked in for a holiday break over the summer, but Ms. Donna welcomed me in to show me around.  I was impressed with how clean each of the rooms were. They have hard wood floors throughout with the occasional area rug for children to sit and play or read.  Each child has their own hook for their coats and backpacks.  The infant room as a dedicated location for each child's belongings (Diapers, cups, snack, pacifiers, etc.) They have an outside location for the children to play during the warm weather.  In the summer they do water play.  Once a week the music teacher comes in and the kids have a blast.  Tiny Tiki is a fun place to be.  
After a short discussion with my husband we decided to bring our daughter here.  Day one was rough for me to leave my daughter at 3 months old, but Ms. Donna was quick to send me pictures of how happy she was throughout the day.  
Over a year later I can honestly say choosing Tiny Tiki was the best decision.  My daughter is so happy to go to day care each day. She knows all the teachers and can say their names at almost 2 yrs old.  They all care for each of the children as their own.  There are even times when she cries because she doesn't want to leave.  I never worry about her being there all day while my husband and I are at work.  
Keep up the great work!  Thumbs up to Ms. Donna for running such a great school.

  • Christopher L.


Excellent facility. My children love it. Staff is very friendly. I wouldn't take my child anywhere else.

  • Ashley C.

  • 11/2/2017

My son has been going to Tiny Tikis since he was a newborn. He absolutely loves it there and has so many friends that he can't wait to come see in the morning. The staff really works hard to educate the children in a way that makes it fun and exciting for them. My son is already writing his name all by himself and is starting to read simple words and do basic math, and hes not even in kindergarten yet! I'm so proud of him and the school for building his confidence and fostering a love for learning for my little man.

  • Kathy A.

  • Little Falls, NJ

  • 6/30/2016

My son has be going to this school for two years and we just love it! He has learned so much. He looks forward to going to school everyday and I can't get him to leave at the end of the day. Before he leaves he has to say good-bye to each teacher and the director or we can't leave. He comes home and tells me all about his day  with excitement, sings the songs he learns and loves to show me the work he has done that was in his folder.  

The school is clean, my son never gets sick, unlike my niece who is in another school and is always catching something. I am very happy with the school that I chose and I searched and investigated many schools prior to choosing this one.  I am happy with my decision and so is my son which is most important

  • Krystle S.

  • Boonton, NJ

  • 4/4/2016

We love having our child attend such a loving school. It feels like we are dropping our son off with family while we go to work. You can tell the teachers really do care about the children the second you open the door. Our  toddler son walks in the classroom by himself with such a big smile on his face.
We are more than glad to give this school five star

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