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Throughout the summer we will be welcoming in several very special visitors to our school. We will have several fun activities planned which will include an additional fee. If your child is attending that week you MUST pay for the activity.  We do not exclude any students from the activities.

Below you will find a brief narrative of each event.  If your child will be attending school during the week of this event, simply circle the week your child will be attending.  Please enclose a check for the total of all events your child will be attending. All activities will be held on Wednesdays and Fridays.



One hour of entertaining and spectacular illusions.  Interactive magic with allow the children to participate in the wonder of magic.  The levitation finale makes the kids the star of the show.


The Lizard Guys is a small group of animal enthusiasts that provides live animal presentations with lizards, snakes, turtles, frogs & various bugs.  The students are  introduced to each animal, generally one at a time, by one of The Lizard Guys holding it & explaining where the animal would come from, its normal diet, its life expectancy and answering any other questions thrown his/her way.



The students will choose a character to have painted on their face/arms to show off to their friends.



Ms. Pat has a program that creates an atmosphere which stimulates questions and learning.  All of the animals are family raised, regularly handled by small children and conditioned to high voices and fast movements.  Children have contact with the animals that are docile and suitable to their age. The animals will include: Parrots, Blue tongue lizards, Hedge hogs, Chinchilla, Snakes (which is when Ms. Donna leaves the room) and a wallaby, just to name a few.



Once Upon A Time Storytelling and Puppet Show is different from any typical puppet show in that the children take part in the show using puppets



With an amazing Museum exhibit of 30+ Specimens, the students will participate in a dig where they will dig, find, and keep sea shells, fossil shark teeth, sea glass and more. The students will pet a shark without getting bitten; pet a stingray without getting stung. They will see up close the most poisonous jelly fish in the world without getting stung (no live creatures) and lots more!


Our students will enjoy a fun filled day of hot dogs, cotton candy, popcorn, skill games and prizes.



Children sing along to favorites both old and new while being accompanied by a teacher from our staff on guitar, keyboard or various other instruments.

Rhythm and Movement – Children explore many different types of rhythms and how to move, dance and shake along with them using hand out instruments.  These rhythms provide repetition that reinforces learning and enhances coordination.

Music Fundamentals- Children are taught music theory basics such a pitch, melody and dynamics through the songs that they sing along with each week.  These basics also help to develop verbal skills, listening skills and artistic appreciation.


The Kids Magic Clown:

Our shows include background circus and children's music, kid's magic show with lots of audience participation, interactive musical games, marching, singing, dancing, treasure hunt with souvenirs. Our clown is child friendly, enthusiastic and professional.



To register for Summer Camp, simply stop by anytime during operating hours (no appointment necessary) or call 973-256-8180.

Since our center is open all year, we are sure to make Summer Camp extra special.  Camp is open Mon-Fri 7am-6pm.  All food and enrichment programs are inclusive of tuition. Be sure to bring your swimsuits, towels, water shoes and sunscreen so we can have lots of fun with our waterplay sports.

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