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We offer a variety of payment options:

Once a credit card is placed on file you will be able to log into by using the ID code given to you by Ms. Donna you are now able to send your payments via mobile phone, computer or by using our biometric system. We accept all major credit cards, personal checks, money orders, state or county subsidity and cash as forms of payment.



You will receive a monthly calendar informing you of special events throughout the school, birthdays, and our weekly curriculum themes for your child's class.


Special Holidays


At Tiny Tiki's Learning Center we try to celebrate all holidays.  There will be a sign up sheet in addition to letters of request for parents to contribute as well as participate in these celebrations.  We also welcome the opportunity to learn if you and your family celebrate a particular holiday in a traditional manner and would like to share with your child's class, please speak with  your child's teacher to arrange time and details.


Birthday Parties


This is a special time for your child and we share your desire to make their day extraordinary.  If you would like to celebrate your child's birthday with cupcakes, munchkins, cookies, etc. Please speak to your child's teacher for an appropriate time and information on any dietary precautions that may need to be met.


Parent/Teach Night


Our annual “Back to School Night” is a wonderful opportunity for parents to meet their child's teacher(s) and other parents in the class.  The teacher will discuss the curriculum, daily routines, and expectations for the school year.


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