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Waddler Room

Our Waddler program is a transitional time between the infant area and the toddler classroom. Children at this stage of development have a strong curiosity to explore the world around them. They are learning to explore all of the sights, sounds and textures of the world around them. They love to explore and roam, they also have the need to feel safe and secure within their classroom.  This is especially important to promote self-motivation and encouragement for the child to explore. Waddlers learn best when they are engaged actively in challenging and meaningful activities. At Tiny Tiki’s Learning Center, our program is filled with hands-on activities specifically designed to suite their developmental needs.


Under our staff’s direct supervision, children at this age will learn using our age appropriate materials as well as their daily involvement in music, finger play, arts & crafts and story time.  Our curriculum is interdisciplinary and is based on using multiple intelligences.  Our goal is to develop your child’s enthusiasm to learn by using all of their senses.  Our daily parent/teacher communication sheet will keep you informed of your child’s day and progress. 


We understand that children frequently test limits.  This is when our caregivers use re-direction and positive reinforcement to actively engage them to other more appropriate behavior. Your child will learn with both teacher and student directed activities.  We at Tiny Tiki’s Learning Center believe that a child learns not only by activities directed by the teacher but also with the freedom to choose his/her own materials.  By allowing a child the freedom of movement and expression we are allowing the child to excel at his/her own pace without competition.  This will enable your child to work freely on the materials he/she finds interesting

Infant Room

As soon as a child is born, his education begins.  Infants are naturally curious and inquisitive individuals. Therefore, it is important that the conditions be right for your child’s development. 


At Tiny Tiki’s Learning Center your child will participate in on a daily basis: music, story time and finger play.  The environment is set up to encourage your child’s physical, sensory, social emotional and intellectual development. Our infant toys are designed to provide developmental stimulation.  Our spacious classroom ensures your child has enough room for “tummy time” and daily exercise. Sturdy materials are provided to encourage infants to reach, grasp, pull and stand.


We understand this is a very difficult time for a parent.  Having to leave an infant for any amount of time can be upsetting to both your and your child. That is why our staff will provide a warm and nurturing environment to help you and your child go through this transitional period easier. Our caregivers provide a positive sense of trust and security, something that every infant needs.


Our 1:4 teacher/child ratio allows your child individual care. Caregivers observe and record your child’s rapidly changing needs. Using our parent/teacher communication sheet allows you to be kept informed of your child’s day.  This will include nap schedules, feeding times and diaper changes.  We will follow your schedule to accommodate your child’s daily eating and sleeping schedule.  Your child’s progress will always be shared with you.  Parents feel secure in knowing their child is in a safe, nurturing environment filled with love

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